NDAF is an association for everyone working as veterinary nurses/technicians or assistants at veterinary clinics and facilities in Norway, and also students studying veterinary nursing. The association was established in 1991 and the main goals then were to arrange seminars for veterinary nurses/technicians and assistants, as well as being a forum for people working with veterinary medicine in veterinary clinics and facilities all over Norway.

NDAF is not a labour union.

NDAF’s goals today are:

  • Organising seminars
  • Publishing our newsletter “Tidsskrift”
  • Keeping in touch with the International Veterinary Nurse and Technician Association, and thereby staying updated on the profession around the world
  • Improving the veterinary nurse/technician education
  • Defining the function of a veterinary nurse/technician within the framework of the authorisation
  • Being a forum and gathering place for all personnel working at, or in conjunction with, veterinary clinics and facilities in Norway
  • Giving out scholarships
  • Establishing a Basic Agreement for veterinary nurses/technicians and assistants with the aid of Fagforbundet

As a member of NDAF, you will recieve:

  • A discount on seminars arranged by NDAF
  • The newsletter ”Tidsskrift”, published 5-6 times annually
  • An opportunity to recieve scholarships for further education or continuing professional development
  • Counselling and support in relation to employment
  • The opportunity to affect NDAF’s focus

The Norwegian veterinary nurse/technician education is located at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science. The education is a 2-year university-level course, which is has been since 2003. The course is an ACOVENE accredited program.

Prior to 2003, the duration of the education was one year, with additional mandatory one-year practical experience in order to qualify for the qualification.

Most of the pages on this site are in Norwegian, but please feel free to e-mail us or visit our facebook page. Most Norwegians understand and write English well and any feedback from veterinary nurses/technicians and assistants outside Norway is greatly appreciated.

Priser for medlemskap

  • Ordinært medlem: kr 500,-
  • Student medlem: kr 300,-
  • Medlemskapet gjelder et kalenderår.

Visste du at som medlem…

  • får veiledning og støtte i arbeidsspørsmål.
  • får mulighet for stipend til etterutdanning.
  • får det elektroniske medlemsbladet "Tidskrift                                    for Norsk dyrepleier- og assistentforening."